Full Stack Engineer, Oslo

Role description

Join our growing product team and build the B2B marketplace for the food system of tomorrow. All of us are working all over the stack, and so will probably you do. Interests and qualifications will determine what you'll be working on, but we're building a living product with ongoing operations and we don't have fancy R&D departments, yet.

The Product team has become ninjas in collaborating online so it is up to you if you want to sit at the Oslo office or the Copenhagen office. If you will be sitting at the Copenhagen office, we want you to be willing to travel to Oslo once in a while, as we still believe the magic of meeting face to face cannot fully be replaced by remote work.

Main responsibilities



How to apply?

Send an email to jobs@dagens.farm, with a CV and motivation letter explaining why you want to work in Dagens. Deadline: the sooner the better - it is an ongoing process.