Direct trade from farm to kitchen

The leading digital platform for easy direct trade of local, seasonal produce between farmers and professional chefs.

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Dagens for kitchens

→ Easy access to local, seasonal produce
→ Simple order management
→ Consolidated deliveries
→ Data reports and insights

Dagens for farms

→ Grow your direct trade business
→ Guaranteed automatic payments
→ Easy order handling
→ Transparent and simple pricing

Why Dagens?

By cutting out the middleman, embracing technology and effective infrastructure, Dagens offers...

→ 26 hours from farm to kitchen
→ Transparency and better prices for farmers
→ Great deals on high-quality produce for kitchens
→ Consolidated deliveries and payments

Join our community of food system frontrunners

Over 400 kitchens and 150 farms across Norway and Denmark trust Dagens for effective direct trade. Join us!


Il Buco
Nedre Foss Gård

Canteens & hotels

Dugurd Kantiner
EAT Skolemad
Thon Hotels

Fredrik and Charlotte — The farmers at Sydkysthaven Organic vegetable farm

Browse available local and seasonal produce

Embrace the seasons and the wonderful produce Danish Norwegian soils and climate can provide. Directly from the farm!

Syrengården - Nye Kartofler
Knabegaarden - Grønne Asparges
Vilde Råvarer - Ramsløg
Palleshavegaard - Hvidløg
PermaUrt - Spiselige forårsblomster
Michael Balle - Økologiske Æg
Sansegården - Rå rømme
Haugen Gardsmat - Hjort Helt dyr
Alm Østre Gård - Hokkaido Gresskar
Fokhol Gård - Rødkål
Strand Gård - Mangalitsa helt dyr
Norwegian Shores - Kamskjell

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