Co-creating a transparent
and resilient food system

The current food system is created for large-scale industrial food production – high volumes and ever-decreasing costs. A few wholesalers with monopoly power decide what produce is grown and what the price is. Farmers and chefs have lost their power. The result is that responsible food production on nature's terms is not economically viable. Biodiversity is decreasing, soils are depleted and animals suffer.

That's why we started Dagens in 2017. By utilising technology and rethinking supply chains, we put farmers and chefs in the position of power! Biodiverse ecosystems, healthy soil, happy animals and direct trade from farm to kitchen is a given in the future food system.

Take responsibility – join more than 400 world-class farmers and chefs in co-creating the transparent and resilient food system for the future!

Illustration of chefs, producers and the Dagens team co-creating the a resilient and t4ransparent food system for the future

Team Dagens