Direct trade from farm to kitchen

Dagens is an online marketplace where farms and kitchens trade food directly on their own terms. The farmers get a bigger part of the profit. Buyers get easy access to unique, biodiverse produce at competitive prices.

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Dagens for buyers

Dagens works with the best local farmers to ensure your menu is out of this world. Get access to produce at competitive prices - directly from the farmer, the fisherman and the harvester.

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Dagens for farmers

Gain access to a sales channel where the biggest profit stays on the farm, and where the buyers share the same values as you.

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Unique, diverse produce from responsible farmers

Product preview of Pumpkin from Marias Mark - Link to sign upProduct preview of Økologiske Æg from Dalbakkegaard - Link to sign upProduct preview of burrata from La Treccia - Link to sign upPlaceholder illustration for Product previewProduct preview of Ecological mangold from Horgen gård - Link to sign upProduct preview of Free range pig from Økologisk frilandsgris - Link to sign up

Join the co-creation of the future food system!

More than 100 farmers and 200 buyers across Denmark and Norway trade diverse, unique and responsibly produced food directly through Dagens. These are a few of them.

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Lily Akerkvartalet
EAT Skolemad
Innovasjon Norge


Bergsmyrene Gård
Lolle frugt
Arnevik Gård Skjell
‍Trøndelag Sankeri

Arantxa Bonet, Sous Chef, Arakataka, Oslo

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