How to sell to professional customers

At Dagens, you're the master of your sales and customer relations. The base of potential customers is diverse – from small gourmet restaurants to large hotel chains – all trading through Dagens.

The most fruitful relations flourish through direct communication and collaboration — meeting mutual needs and demands for shared growth.

Nurturing Strong Customer Relations

  • Communicate directly and make occasional visits to customers.
  • Stay on top of notifications and deliver orders on time.
  • Pack and label orders correctly
  • Communicate changes or delivery challenges as soon as possible.
  • Reduce packaging waste, opt for reusable crates.
  • Keep your webshop, products, and availability up to date.
  • Use the trade report to understand customers' trading habits
Illustration of Dagens diverse community of experienced chefs, responsible food porducers and their high-quality produce

Do active upselling

Dagens' most successful producers actively pursue upselling — they report a 20-30 % increase in sales from upselling activities only. Make it a habit to remind customers to order from you regularly. Many chefs are available between 11 am and 2 pm on weekdays.

  • Reach out to customers who have placed orders and ask if they need more before harvest/packaging.
  • Contact past customers who have yet to order and ask if they need anything.
  • Keep your online shop updated and share it regularly with extra insights on your available produce.
Producer carrying IFCO box with uniwque, sexy produce

We encourage you to make a 30 minute habit before harvesting/packing your orders. Use Dagens' tailored sales tools for effective upselling — accessible right from your home page when you log in.

  1. 1. Top-up orders: Call the customers who ordered and ask if they need more. Adjust the order while customer is on the phone.
  2. 2. Remind previous customers: Call or SMS previous customers. Present your produce and ask what they could use from you.

Learn more about Dagens' sales tools

Screenshot of Dagens sales tools: The sales tools on your home page is tailored specifically for effective upselling routines.
The sales tools on your home page is specifically tailored to support effective upselling before harvesting/packing your orders.

Get New Customers

Establishing new customer relationships requires effort, yet the reward can be lasting and sustainable. Here are some steps to help you acquaint yourself and initiate direct trade with new customers.

Explore Potential Customers
Visit My Orders and click Create New Order to access contact information for potential customers in your delivery area.

Forge Contact and Interest via Social Media
Maintain an active and engaging Instagram profile (widely used by chefs). Follow, like, and comment to become familiar and get noticed. Visit their website to learn about their values and philosophy.

Arrange Initial Meeting
Call head chef/procurement personnel to schedule meetings. Present yourself and your values confidently – your production methods and quality are unique and set you apart.

Ignite Interest in the Initial Meeting
Share your story and production methods passionately. Make yourself and your products intriguing. Show enthusiasm for collaboration and adaptability to their needs. Bring along samples – chefs love experimenting with new ingredients.

Illustration of producer and buyer planning the seasons over a coffee date