Direct access to like-minded customers

Sell your sustainable produce to customers who believe that high-quality food lies in the farmer's work, maintenance of ecosystems and biodiversity, animal welfare and the taste - of course.

Start selling directly through Dagens
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We offer you the opportunity to...

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Trade directly with chefs and get the price you deserve

You set the price. The transaction cut is 5 %, 15 % or 20 % depending on the delivery method.

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Spend no time in city traffic

Deliver your orders to one spot and we handle the rest. Dagens coordinates transportation and distribution.

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Get paid in full, on time, every time

100% payment guarantee from your customers. We take the risk and make sure you are paid within 14 days.

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1. Add unique produce

You choose what to sell, and how to price it. Add your produce to Dagens' seasonal calendar and make it visible to buyers throughout the year. In that way they can co-plan with you.

2. Receive orders

You receive orders directly from customers in the Dagens platform - up to two days before delivery. All data for orders and invoicing in one place.

3. Deliver to hub

Deliver your orders to the nearest Dagens hub. Packing lists and labels are available to help you manage your orders.

4. Get paid on time

Once your order is delivered, you will receive payment within 14 days, without having to send a single invoice.

Co-plan with your customers

Add produce to your seasonal calendar and show your customers what you offer throughout the year.

Automatic payment system

Your customers are automatically invoiced and you get paid within 14 days.

Direct communication

We encourage and facilitate direct contact between producers and customers. This is where the magic happens!

Is Dagens a good match for you?

Dagens links producers directly to chefs, significantly reducing unnecessary middleman fees. This results in increased producer and consumer surplus, meaning you as a producer earn the real value of your produce.

Fruits & Vegetables

Organic and biodynamic fruit and vegetables will be prioritised at Dagens. If you do not have any of these certifications, but wish to be part of Dagens, you will receive an individual assessment based on the following criteria:

a) your methods for increasing soil health

b) biodiversity in your production

c) your methods for pest management

Fruits and vegetable produce illustration

Dairy products

Dairy products sold at Dagens are preferably organic. Producers waiting for their certification, or who have not prioritized it, but can prove exceptionally good animal husbandry will receive individual assessment. Traditional methods and local resource use weigh in positively. Minimum requirements for animal welfare in organic regulations must be met and preferably exceeded. Animals shall have access to outdoor areas and live as freely as possible, eating biodiverse fodder as locally produced as possible.

Dairy produce illustration


Meat sold at Dagens is preferably organic, and serve integral functions in the farm system as a whole. Producers in the waiting period of their certification, or who have not prioritized certification, but can prove exceptionally good animal husbandry will receive individual assessment. Minimum requirements for animal welfare in organic regulations must be met and preferably exceeded. Animals shall have access to outdoor areas and live as naturally as possible, eating biodiverse fodder as locally produced as possible.

meat produce illustration

Fish & Shellfish

Companies that want to sell saltwater fish at Dagens must be connected to a certified a fish reception center by law. Wild caught fish and seafood should come exclusively from the coastal fleet and be caught by nets, pots, or be hand-picked. Catching by trawls, bottom trawls, spinners and bottom-drawn nets are not acceptable. Land farmed fish and seafood are approved if they can show innovative measures of waste management and exceptional animal welfare and health.

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In principle, only foodstuffs are to be sold at Dagens. Rare exceptions may be made for products that are specifically desired by the customer group (e.g. flowers, sauces, spices, refined products etc.).

The same criteria for production methods that secures soil health, biodiversity and animal welfare are of course present for this category also.

Other produce illustration
Danish Quinoa Group's logo over faded image of dried quinoa grains

"Dagens contributes to finding new customers and thus expands our market, this is well supported by the logistics task Dagens also solves for us. We believe Dagens' business model will gain ground, as it, compared to similar food wholesalers, is far more transparent and competitive for both buyer and seller."

Lars Hvidtfeldt, Danish Quinoa group, DK

“As a food producer, you have so many jobs. From mucking out the barn, raising pigs and cows, and tending to crops -
to being an accountant, sales representative and marketing manager. At Dagens, I can focus mainly on my production. They give me and the other producers the opportunity to get the part of the cake that we deserve”

Producer Heinrich Jung from Økologisk Frilandsgris holding Piglet
Marianne Olssøn from Hovelsrud Kylling carrying crate of vegetables

“For us, it's important to be part of the changes happening in the market, and we see Dagens as a true contester to the established wholesalers. I think Dagens will replace several of them in short time, especially in the restaurant market.”


"I'm really satisfied and I think it's the only way forward. This is the way we should do it." See reportage from Danish TV2

Palle andersen, Tokkerupgård, DK
Palle Andersen from Tokkerupgård in kale field
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Sell to a larger network of customers, who share the same passion as you.

Dagens connect more than 200 restaurants, canteens, delis and shops in Copenhagen, Oslo and Trondheim, with local farmers. These are a few of them.


Nektar Vinbar
Nedre Foss

Canteens & hotels

Innovasjon Norge
Gjensidige Forsikring
Hotel Bristol
Clarion Hotel Oslo

Delis & shops

Åpent Bakeri
Jacobs Holtet
Georg A Nilsen


Il Buco
Restaurant Jatak
Baka d' Busk

Blaaregn Taverna
Den Vandrette
Apollo Bar
Restaurant Kanalen


EAT Skolemad
Dentsu Kantine

Let’s co-create the new food system

Trade directly through Dagens and take part in the development of a more resilient, transparent and sustainable food system.

Start selling directly through Dagens
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Dagens collaborate with:

Dagens Norway is Debio-certified  through their third-party certification.

Nor-Log transport fresh produce from southern Norway to Oslo

Havi deliver fresh produce to buyers in Copenhagen, Oslo and Viken

Veøy transport fresh produce from Trondheim to Oslo

Kamonen Transport distribute and deliver fresh produce in Oslo and Viken

BHS Logistics transport fresh produce from Bornholm to Copenhagen