Dagens Trade Reports for Customers


April 14, 2023

We know that collecting and massaging numbers for reporting can be a long-lasting headache when trading directly with many producers. Dagens Trade Reports is an easy-to-use interactive dashboard that collates all this data for you and provides valuable metrics and graphs out of the box. Easily accessible. Always up-to-date. Report-ready.

ASIA's Trade Report for 2022 demonstrates their great effort of sourcing significant volumes of varied and mostly organic produce directly from local producers across all seasons.

The Dagens Trade Report can be accessed from the Trade Data section on the Profile page. It is based on data submitted by the producers themselves when they add their products. This means that you and Dagens have direct access to the "data source" to sort out any questions that may arise.

"Dagens Trade Report gives us a road map for being able to clearly analyze and promote a sustainable strategy moving forward. In addition, it helps us with our reporting in general, as well as enhancing our profile regarding stewardship of the environment and supporting small and independent producers."
- Karl MacEwan, Executive chef at ASIA Aker Brygge

ASIA Aker Brygge in Oslo, led by head chef Karl MacEwan, was one of the top trading customers on Dagens in 2022. We at Dagens love to see customers take responsibility and support local producers by trading significant volumes regularly. Thank you all!

Dagens Trade Report allows you to:

  • Export formatted and paste-ready spreadsheets for organic revisions with Debio/Fødevarestyrelsen
  • Explore and improve procurement and sustainability efforts
  • Share your report and impact on the new food system with guests, customers, and other stakeholders

Tools and tips

Right-click and export the page as PDF for presentations

Right click and export the page as PDF for presentations

Right-click on the table and export the Organic calculations spreadsheet (for Fødevarestyrelsen / Debio controls)

Right click on the table to export spreadsheet for Organic calculations (use for control from Fødevarestyrelsen / Debio)

Copy your trade report link and share it with stakeholders

Copy your Dagens Trade Report link and share with stakeholders

Impact on the future food system

At Dagens, we believe that being open, trustworthy, and transparent are key traits of the future food system. We use reliable data, submitted by the producers themselves, to create Dagens Trade Reports, which you can easily share with others. This makes it easy for you to be honest about your impact while maintaining transparency and accountability. By being transparent, you can build strong relationships and trust with your customers, investors, and the people who eat your food. So, let's work together to create a food system that's sustainable, honest, and open!

Learn more about how Dagens Trade Reports can help you take back the control and make informed decisions about your food procurement practices.

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