Minimum order amounts


October 6, 2022

Orders placed through Dagens are not picked from a storage shelf — the producer harvests, packs, labels and transports each order. To ensure fair pay for this work producers can now request a minimum amount per order. Customers are encouraged to order more than the minimum order amount.

Customers can still place smaller orders from time to time – for instance when testing products for an upcoming menu. However, the producer will have to consider each case to decide whether it’s worth the effort required to deliver. We encourage ordering more from one producer, rather than a little from many different producers.

This is new

  • Producers can set a minimum order amount
  • Customers are encouraged to meet the minimum order amount
  • Customers can edit quantity and add other products from their Basket

Effect on the future food system

Mutual respect and responsibility between producers and customers is a foundational principle in the future food system.

Producers work hard to supply high-quality produce whilst respecting natural systems. Customers support these farmers by ordering substantial amounts regularly. This symbiosis is essential to provide predictability for producers and ensure access to local and high-quality produce for customers, in the long term.

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