Order your weekly produce in a flash!


October 13, 2023

At Dagens, we're all about smooth and easy direct trade. We understand the hassle posed by navigating order deadlines and seasonality when trading directly with local producers. To make your life easier, we're introducing our new feature which help you order your weekly produce in a flash.

Prefill the basket for your weekly order with a single click

This is new:

Email reminder every Saturday

Stay ahead of deadlines and secure the produce you need week after week. Receive a timely reminder every Saturday to maintain consistent ordering routines and get the best selection for your menu.

Order your weekly produce-module

Quickly add previously ordered items to your basket with a single click from the new module on your home page. It automatically populates your basket with the same available produce from previous orders for the upcoming week.

How it works — the details

  1. The module appears when no orders are placed for the next 7 days.
  2. When clicking the Prefill basket button, we fetch all products ordered in the past 7 days, check their availability, and add the available products to the basket for the upcoming delivery days. 
  3. You get clear feedback about which products are not available for certain delivery days or need to be requested.

Make sure to double-check and confirm order

We assume that you need roughly the same as you ordered last week, but make sure to double-check your order and adjust quantities before sending the order.

We hope this makes trading directly with local producers more effortless, convenient, and enjoyable. Please let us know if you have thoughts about how it may be better!

Happy trading!

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