Dagens now support sticky parcel labels


October 3, 2023

Leave the scissors and tape behind. Embrace efficiency by printing sticky Dagens parcel labels with your label printer. No more labels gone missing in transit — more orders delivered to customer on time!

Set your print and labels preferences before downloading parcel labels

This is new:

You can off course still print A4 sheets, cut and tape your parcel labels to your orders as before.

Why does it matter?

At Dagens, we're committed to streamline the direct trade experience. Sticky Dagens parcel labels save producers time and ensure that the right information follow all parcels through the supply chain.

Here’s the catch: Dagens’ drivers handle countless parcels daily, and are very dependent on the parcel labels to provide smooth deliveries to your customers on time. If a parcel goes missing, it’s very tough to get the parcel to the right customer.

Don't have a label printer?

We recommend investing in a label printer to speed up your labelling process and making sure your orders get to the right customer in time. We've tested the new format with the following label printers:

  • Zebra GK420d
  • TSC TDP-244
  • Intermec PC43d
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